5¢ Program
Choice of 5¢ Credit Card or Traditional Billing
Save money all the time with Qwest's 5¢ state-to-state calling and low $4.95 monthly fee with Online Billing - a $3 savings every month over our traditional billing!
Great Intra Lata and Intra State Rates


Qwest 10 for $10 Calling Plan
Qwest 10 for 10 gives you a great rate to call the people you care about!
10 hours of evening and weekend state-to-state calling for just $10 per month--a rate of just 1.7¢ per minute!
State-to-state calls during weekdays, and calls after the first 10 hours, are only 7¢ per minute.
For a $2 credit each month, you can use convenient Online Billing and automatically bill your credit card or checking account--no checks, stamps, late payments, or lost paper bills.
Click here to sign up now and begin saving.

Qwest Rollback Calling Plan
Watch your monthly fee drop - the longer you stay, the less you pay!
5¢ a minute weekends and 7¢ a minute weekdays for state-to-state calling.
Each month, we'll reduce your monthly fee by a dollar. It starts at $4.95 and rolls back $1 each month until it reaches 95¢
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 Both of these residential services are billed in full minute increments.
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